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What Does A Good Diet Consist Of?

Home » Articles » Healthy Food » What Does A Good Diet Consist Of?
Posted On : 08 July, 2012

A good diet plan comprises of every mineral and nutrition that one can think of. To adopt a diet plan and then to stick to it, what is important is, to know what your body type, body shape and your blood group is. You can then plan your diets all taking into consideration all of these. Also, knowing what your Body Mass Index or BMI is, is a very important thing.

A good diet plan consists of fibers, good fats, herbs and even minerals. Fruits and vegetables should be incorporated into one’s diet plan so as to ensure that you have a good fiber intake. Eating foods that are rich in fiber will only enhance your metabolic rate and it will improve your digestion. Fibers are good for the fat burning process as well. Fiber helps in the peristalsis movement of muscles of intestines hence resulting in a healthy gut. It is important to include many fibrous food sources in the digestive system when it comes to planning a healthy diet plan for yourself as this slows down the release of extra energy and helps release energy slowly so that you don’t need glucose boost every now and then.

The use of honey is preferred too as the honey ensures weight loss at the same time as it gives you an energy boost. Even though it has more calories than sugar of the same amount it will help you remain in shape and healthy, this is so because it has low glycemic index than sugar, this means that your body is able to utilize carbohydrates stored in honey faster. This provides for the energy needs of your body very swiftly and is used up rather than being stored in other forms by the liver.

Most people wish to become slimmer in order to get in shape and for doing so they start dieting in some unacceptable manners, for instance, they start to starve themselves. What this starving really does is that it gives to your brain an impression that you are under some famine affected area and your hypothalamus will automatically slow down the metabolic rate of your body.

For a healthier physique, avoid supersized meals and combo deals that most fast food restaurants have to offer. You can split one with a friend in case you really do rely on these meals, but otherwise, there is no need at all to survive on these as they tend to lead to obesity and health problems. Try fresco tacos (with salsa or fresh veggies in place of cheese or sauce) from the taco stands.

A healthy diet consists of:

  • Proteins
  • Omega fat and good fats
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Dairy products
  • And, some carbohydrates


What you should avoid is:

  • Saturated fat
  • High-sodium foods
  • Cholesterol
  • White bread and flour
  • Added-sugar products


Do not refrain from drinking water! Drink a lot of water as it is the basic necessity of the human body.

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